What you'll learn

Primary goal of this course is to prepare you for the official ISACA COBIT2019 Design&Implementation certification exam. Therefore it is a great idea to complement your COBIT2019 Design&Implementation course or self-study by these Practice Exams.  They are designed the same way as the official exam. Every Sample Paper is following the official syllabus regarding number of questions per topic, difficulty level, timings etc. I've been using my 10+ years of experience as an IT trainer to design these practice tests to enable  you to pass your certification exams on the first attempt. Each question contains detailed explanation and references to the original COBIT resources.

  • Increase your chances to pass your COBIT2019 Design&Implementation certification exam

  • Verify whether you are ready to go for the COBIT2019 Design&Implementation certification exam

  • Deepen your understanding of COBIT2019 Design&Implementation topics

  • Retain and use your COBIT knowledge more effectively and longer than listening to videolectures only

  • By practicing on these exams it will be easier for you to use the COBIT knowledge in your job due to deeper understanding

Course Includes

Sets of practice exam questions to prepare for the official COBIT2019 Design&Implementation certification.

  • 3 full Sample Papers

    60 question each, covering all offical exam topics

  • 3 months access

    Access also on mobile

  • 30 day money back guarantee

    If you are not happy with the course you can get your money back